About Logan Thunder


Logan Basketball was founded in July 1998 to provide basketball opportunities for all ages and skill levels. From first time players to representative players in both Juniors and Seniors. This coincided with the construction of the Cornubia Park Sports Centre a four-court multi-sport stadium that we now call home. A Stadium which 18 Years later, on the 1st July 2016, Logan Basketball were awarded management rights and operational control. Our Representative Programs continue to produce some of the most talented players in the Queensland.

Mission and Vision

Our diverse membership of players, coaches, referees, volunteers, parents and staff make up what we refer to as the Thunder Family, named after our Representative Teams. Coming from humble beginnings throughout the years Logan Basketball has grown to become one of the leading sports organisations within the Logan Region and the State of QLD.


The purpose of Logan Basketball is to provide leadership and a framework throughout Logan that enables people to grow, develop and participate in sport.


To grow sustainable sport and active recreation opportunities within the Logan Region; with a focus on the positive outcomes sport can provide to the community as whole.


To be recognised within the state and nationally by clients and stakeholders not only as a leader, but also as a valuable and credible provider of services in sport and recreation.

Our People

General Manager

Mitch Young

Venue Manager

Greg Day

Finance Officer

Belinda Boswell

Competitions Manager

Deborah Crone

Score table Coordinator

Isabella Agius

Management Committee


Nicole Kirisome

Vice President

Bronwyn Johnstone


Ashley Dionysius


Mitch Young


Jessica Carrol




Lachlan Stewart


Pete rosiak


Nat Sok